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DATE BOOK - 2015

August 28 - October 31

Wide Bay High Desert II

Unsettled Gallery and the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (Australia) 2nd joint exhibit featuring the art work of 6 Aussies/6 Yanks.

October 3; 2 PM - 4 PM

WBHDII Artists' Talk: Wall Batterton and Alexander Eulert; moderator: Australian artist, Adrienne Williams

October 10; 1- 4 PM

Mesquite Street

Historic Neighborhood Event

...WBHDII Australian Artist Marlies Oakley and Local Artist Raul Dorn demonstrate Collage Techniques @ Unsettled Gallery

...WBHDII Austrlian Artist Adrienne Williams and Marie Siegrist paint @ Mesquite Art Studios

...For information about other neighborhood events, visit the Mesquite Street Historic Neighborhood website

October 24; 4 PM

Exhibit Close @ 4PM: Wide Bay High Desert II

October 30; 4 PM - 7 PM

Artist's Reception: Jeri Desrochers; Now You're Home exhibit supports the Dona Ana County Humane Society.

November 28; 1 - 4 PM

Jeri Desrocher's Pallette Knife Demo & Small Work Sale

Exhibit Close @ 4PM: Jeri Desrochers, Now You're Home


Let's Go Ornamental

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In United States

August 28 - October 24

Wide Bay High Desert II

Ariella Anderson - Jacklyn St. Aubyn

Alexander Eulert - Susan Hutton

Marlies Oakley - Jo Rango

Virginia Maria Romero - Trevor Spohr

Christine Turner - Jean Reece Wilkey

Adrienne Williams - Nolan Winkler

Update: September 28, 2015

Wide Bay High Desert II, the joint Australia/United States exhibition, continues with 3 special events scheduled during October.

First up: an artists' talk on Saturday, October 3 beginning at 2 PM. Alexander Eulert, a WBHDII participant from Lamy, New Mexico and Wall Batterton, a local artist, compare and contrast their careers.

On Saturday, October 10 from 1 to 4 PM, visit the Mesquite Street Historic Neighborhood and travel El Camino Real as we celebrate Australia with events at our fine art galleries, open studios, resturants and more. Meet our Australian artists-in-residence. Visit with Marlies Oakley, an Australian artist, and Raul Dorn, local artist, as they demonstrate their collage techniques at Unsettled Gallery. Adrienne Williams, an Australian artist, and Marie Siegrist, local artist, paint at Mesquite Street Studios, 922 North Mesquite Street (across the street from Unsettled Gallery). For information about other neighborhood events, visit the Mesquite Street Historic Neighborhood website.

Read more about the Wide Bay High Desert II exhibit below.

Wide Bay High Desert II (WBHD) opens with simultaneous artists' receptions at Unsettled Gallery, Las Cruces, New Mexico on Friday, August 28 starting at 6 PM; and at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia at 10 AM on Saturday, August 29. Six artists from each country have each created 4 artworks for the exhibits. Two artworks from each artist will show in the two venues. During the receptions, the galleries will be connected by a video link to enable you to enjoy and contribute to the WBHD exhibit conversation about place, connection and creativity.

The artists' conversation on those topics began more than a year ago when they were selected to participate in the exhibit. In creating their work, the artists have considered their distinct communities and its influence on their art. They have also shared their way of working and supported their fellow artists through the WBHD blog, . Navigate to the site and you can check out images and stories the artists shared as their work progressed.

Marlies Oakley and Adrienne Williams, Australian artists and exhibit participants, will be in-residence in Las Cruces for the duration of the exhibit. More details will be forthcoming about the events featuring both our Australian artists-in-residence and US artists to be held throughout the exhibit which runs through Saturday, October 24 US/October 25 Australia.

The WBHD exhibit came about because of a chance meeting in 2011 with Jenny Gilbertson, an artist and Community Arts Officer for the Bundaberg Regional Art Galleries. Gilbertson was in Las Cruces for a student exchange program at New Mexico State University. She happened into the gallery and a long conversation ensued about artists and galleries and ways of developing opportunities for both. The conversation ended with an agreement to explore the possibility of an exchange exhibit. Both Gilbertson and Trudie Leigo, Exhibitions officer at BRAG, have provided an untold number of hours to make the WBHD exhibits a success.

WBHD could not be held without support from the Las Cruces and Bundaberg communities. Las Cruces support comes from Dick and Sherry Thomas, Dean and Diana Ayers, Ron Saltzman and staff (Frame and Art) and Camino del Arte galleries and the Mesquite Street Community. Bundaberg support comes from the Queensland Government, Bundaberg Regional Council, RADF (a Queensland Government and Bundaberg Regional Council partnership to support arts and culture), Queensland Channel 7, Bundaberg Radiology and Bundaberg Broadcasters.

Unsettled Gallery and Studio; August 2015

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Unsettled Gallery is a unique, contemporary art gallery in southern New Mexico, displaying a diverse range of art styles and mediums by a select group of artists.

Located along the site of the celebrated Camino Real (the 'Royal Highway') within the Original Townsite of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the gallery building is an historic, adobe structure. Over its long life, the building served many purposes: family home, apartment, fruit stand, packaged liquor store drive through to name just a few of its personalities. Acquired in 2003 by an artist interested in saving old adobes, rescue and restoration began. The current owners completed a nearly one-year restoration and renovation in 2007 launching the building into use as an art gallery for which it seems happily suited.

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