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January 24; 3 - 6PM

Reception: Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting

Discussion Forum: Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting; Jeanne Rundell

February 12; 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Date/Time Change

Discussion Forum: Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting

Joshua Rose and Jacklyn St. Aubyn

February 19; 5:30 - 6:30 PM

New Event

Discussion Forum: Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting

JD Jarvis: Insights For Collecting Digital Art

February 28; 5 - 6PM

Discussion Forum: Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting

Alexandra Glowacki, Cassandra Lockwood and Catherine Smith Brenner

February 28; 6 PM

Connecting The Dots Closes


Carey Crane (Title TBD)


Adam Labe and Robin Wiener Labe (Title TBD)


JD Jarvis (Title TBD)

Wide Bay High Desert Repeat in 2015

Unsettled Gallery and the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (Australia) will collaborate again to put on an exchange exhibit during September/October 2015.

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January 24 - February 28

Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting

The Collectors: Alexandra Glowacki,

Cassandra Lockwood, Joshua Rose,

Jeanne Rundell, Jacklyn St. Aubyn,

Catherine Smith Brenner

The Collected: Carey Crane, Craig Cully,

Suzi Davidoff, Carlos Estrada Vega,

William (Bill) Gambling, Ligia Ford Kaminski,

Carol Klimek, Cassandra Lockwood,

Kathryn Holmes, Steve Kramer,

Marjorie Moeser, Jo Rango,

Jacklyn St. Aubyn, Rachelle Thiewes,

Olin West, Nolan Winkler

A few months ago we posed this question to potential Art Scouts: “Who wouldn’t want to have a dream (though faux) art budget and 9 feet of wall space waiting to hang your “aspirational” art work collection?” The caveat: the art selected must appeal to the Art Scout at his/her core. Amazingly, 6 courageous Las Cruceans signed on for the mission. The fruits of their scouting activities will show in Unsettled Gallery’s January and February exhibit, Connecting The Dots: 6 Perspectives On Collecting. The exhibit opens on Saturday, January 24, from 3 – 6 pm, with a reception during which a bit of time will be allotted for a short discussion forum featuring one of the Art Scouts.

Connecting the Dots is all about discovering or rediscovering an awesome art work that revs your metabolism. We’ll examine the many ways (and there are a universe-full of ways) that collections begin and evolve. Each of the Art Scouts is scheduled to talk about their collection during January and February. How did they start their collecting odyssey? Does the art work selected differ from the art work they’ve collected previously? What did they learn about their collecting habits? What connects (or not and that’s okay!) the artwork in their collection? Hopefully everyone will dish on their collecting trials and tribulations.

We’re striving for an illuminating, interesting, informal, entertaining, “fun” and jargon-free event. We invite everyone to participate and contribute their own thoughts and experiences. The schedule of events (opening, forums, etc.) is listed in the left column. We are already thinking of events to add, so please check the gallery web site throughout the exhibit. We want to see you at the opening (Saturday, January 24). Do plan to attend the later forums or visit the gallery during normal business hours. Connecting The Dots continues through Saturday, February 28.

Unsettled Gallery and Studio; January 2015

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Unsettled Gallery is a unique, contemporary art gallery in southern New Mexico, displaying a diverse range of art styles and mediums by a select group of artists.

Located along the site of the celebrated Camino Real (the 'Royal Highway') within the Original Townsite of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the gallery building is an historic, adobe structure. Over its long life, the building served many purposes: family home, apartment, fruit stand, packaged liquor store drive through to name just a few of its personalities. Acquired in 2003 by an artist interested in saving old adobes, rescue and restoration began. The current owners completed a nearly one-year restoration and renovation in 2007 launching the building into use as an art gallery for which it seems happily suited.

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